Courses—become a pro in test data management

Test data management and generating test data with or without Q-up requires routine and comprehensive legal and organisational knowledge.

Our trainings help you gain insight into the subject and work effectively in quality assurance and test data management.

Currently, we are offering the following courses:

  • Development foundation course
  • Q-up Suite starter course
  • Test data management
  • Test data consultant

Q-up Suite starter course

After attending this course you are able to use Q-up to create anonymized, pseudonymized, or synthetic test data. You are capable of creating and steering projects, assignments, and templates. You also know essential procedures for significantly simplifying your daily tasks with the help of automations. In addition, you have received an introduction into setting up and using test data management with Q-up.

Target audience: Test data automation experts, test automation experts, software testers, developers, test analysts / designers, and test managers
Requirements: “Development foundation course” or similar. Basic knowledge in software development and software testing are helpful but not a must.
Level: Foundation Level
Duration: 3 days
Location: Greater Frankfurt
Fee: €1590 (incl. one-time exam fee; excl. VAT)
Dates on request

Please see the PDF for more details. (German only)

Q-up Suite

Detailinfos Basisseminar Q-up Suite
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Our trainings are in-house or open and will be held in German.
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